"Very talented songwriter, with powerful vocals, strong lyrics and catchy hook lines" - Head of Peer Music.

"The best song writer I have come across in a long time, very similar to one of the most successful songwriters of our time, Diane Warren" - Quote Paul Gray, Regional Officer for Musicians Union.

"¬ďAmazing at New Artist Development, she really works hard at creating the whole package¬Ē - Potential Records.

"One of the most dynamic performances I have seen" - Derek Wayland, The Stage and Television.

My love of singing and song writing started at a very young age. I have a scrap book of songs I have written from when I was just 7 years old, and as a small child I would disappear into my own world of song. When I sang, it took me to another place, a place of magic. My musical influences have to be Kate Bush and Chrissie Hynde woman following their own path, with a lot to say. I continue to visit places of magic through my singing and use my song writing skills to communicate to whoever will listen. I use my skills in music, singing and song writing to engage with young people, working on many projects with new artists, young people in care, young people suffering illness, or otherwise. Read more >

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